The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts


Image courtesy of Rhizome

Rhizome, located in New York City was granted funds for several areas of its operations including a major overhaul to its website making it more dynamic, flexible and better organized. The funds were also used for additional staffing including the hiring of a Program Manager, Senior Editor and temporary part-time Digital Archivist. Through this additional staffing Rhizome has made great progress in several areas including publishing 1-2 in-depth articles per day by high profile writers rather than a higher-frequency stream of shorter pieces. With the help of its new Digital Archivist, the organization is attempting to ensure that all works in Artbase are properly archived and that it presents a strong, well curated picture of the field. Rhizome is also investigating the possibilities of migrating information from Artbase into a cloud-based hosting environment which will allow the organization to take advantage of the flexibility, power, and savings these services offer.