The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Ballroom Marfa

Photography by Leslie Brown. Courtesy of Ballroom Marfa. Installation view from HWY 90 of Sunand Prashad's, "One Ton of Greenhouse Gas," 2012. Opening of "Carbon 13."

Through the use of the Warhol Initiative Fund Ballroom Marfa has undertaken a revitalization and remodeling of both its physical office space and its international brand. The organization’s staff recently expanded from four to six full-time employees and one part-time employee. This increase pushed the capacity of their existing offices to its limit. For this reason, the organization decided to expand its office facilities and upgrade technology to accommodate. The Warhol Initiative funds allowed Ballroom to remodel its existing gallery office, and to expand into a new office and storage facilities.

In addition, funds were used for Ballroom Marfa and Son & Sons to collaborate to develop and refine the graphic identity and expand the printed materials to include a Ballroom Marfa brochure. Additional work was done to create a graphic identity for a project – the Ballroom Marfa Drive-In – that would remain cohesive with the existing identity.