The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Art In General

Image courtesy of Art in General

Art in General, located in new York City allocated its funds in a number of ways. The organization was able to completely upgrade its digital technology, purchasing 4 Panasonic projectors, 4 Mac minis as well as additional sound equipment which have enabled Art in General to install a 4-channel video screen and exhibit HD projections, while remaining versatile in the way in which sound and video is presented to audiences. An HD camera has also been purchased, which has been used by artists for their exhibitions, as well as by the organization to film public programs. Art in General was also able to begin the addition of an Artist Resource Room, creating an inventory of all of its books, catalogues, monographs, etc.- into an alphabetized resource library that artists can reference in research and project development. The space will also be used as a meeting place for Art in General’s Board and staff. Lastly, the funds were able to implement much needed upgrades and replacements to technology infrastructure for staff.