The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Machine Project

Image courtesy of Machine Project

Machine Project located in Los Angeles, CA, applied its Initiative Fund Grant primarily in two distinct areas of technological upgrades.  Under the direction of a hired consultant Clay Chaplin, Machine Project sought to upgrade its a/v equipment providing an infrastructure for professional plug and play solutions for guest lecturers, artists, and performers. In so doing, it was able purchase a basic system for audio recording, archiving, and live webcasting. The system was designed to be simple to use but also expandable for events that may require additional audio/visual support. Machine Project also allocated funds to establish a permanent video editing workstation. With its own in-house editing system, the organization has been able to have editors process footage regularly during the course of the workday, with immediate feedback from staff and artists. Through the Initiative Fund Grant, Machine Project has begun establishing a workflow for digitizing and editing promotional and documentary footage for the benefit of the organization and its friends.