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Pecha Kucha Order: Saturday Afternoon – SFAI


Below is the order for Saturday afternoon at SFAI. We will leave a few slots open in this session for those whose imagery was received after June 21.

Slides are pre-prepared and are automatically set to advance every 20 seconds. Please be ready as soon as you see the organization ahead of you begin their presentation.  Presenters are asked to sit in the first row of the Lecture Hall.

1) Rhizome
3) San Jose ICA
4) Lawndale Art Center
5) Midway Contemporary Art
6) Participant, Inc.
7) MOCA Tucson
8) LA><ART
9) Second Street Gallery
10) 911 Media Arts
11) Out North
12) Kansas City Arts Coalition
13) Franklin Art Works
14) SF Camerawork


Image: The quad at SFAI, outside the Lecture Hall.

Pecha Kucha Order: Friday Afternoon – Headlands

Below is the order for Friday afternoon’s Pecha Kucha session at the Headlands. Building 961 is just a short walk up the hill from the main campus. Beer and light refreshments will be available.

Your slides have been prepared and are automatically set to advance every 20 seconds. Please be ready as soon as you see the organization ahead of you begin their presentation.

1)  DiverseWorks
2)  Intersection for the Arts
3)  MoCADA
4)  Maryland Art Place
5)  Diaspora Vibe
6)  Charlotte Street Foundation
7)  East of Borneo
8)  Slought Foundation
9)  Provisions Library
10) Brooklyn Rail
11) Women and Their Work
12) Galería de la Raza
13) Artists Space
14) Legion Arts
15) Real Art Ways
16) Intermedia Arts
17) Momenta
18) White Columns

If your organization has not been listed on this or a previous Pecha Kucha Order post, that means you’re either presenting during one of the three day-time sessions that feature Pecha Kucha as part of its format, (Publishing 5 Models; Exhibition as Experience, 10 Models; or Supporting Artists, 5 Models*) or you’ll be presenting on the third day at the San Francisco Art Institute. An order for Saturday’s final session will be posted here soon and will be available at the registration desk of the hotel.

*If you’re in one of these three sessions, chances are that you have already spoken with your session leader about your participation. Please check the schedule page if you are unsure.

Pecha Kucha Order: Night 1 – Osha Thai

Thank you for submitting your Pecha Kucha images to us. If you have not yet submitted your images, there are still slots available on the third and final day-time Pecha Kucha session. Please follow the instructions as previously posted. We will finalize the order for the third day once we have everyone’s submissions in house.

Below is the order for the first night. Your slides have been prepared and are automatically set to advance every 20 seconds. Please be ready as soon as you see the organization ahead of you begin their presentation. The Pecha Kucha will begin immediately prior to the dessert course. Every one will have a little over 6 minutes to speak about their organization. We look forward to a fast-paced and informative evening.

1) Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
3) Locust Projects
4) Exit Art
5) Salina Art Center
6) Aljira
7) Hallwalls
8) Aurora Picture Show
9) SPACE Gallery
10) Soap Factory
11) Artspace, New Haven
12) Smack Mellon
13) LACE
14) Storefront for Art & Architecture

Getting There: Parking at SFAI

Since there are so many of you that reside in San Francisco, we realize that you may opt to get to SFAI on your own. You’re welcome to take public transport, bike, or walk, but should you choose to drive we’ve secured an Art Institute parking lot for your convenience. The lot is located  on Jones (on the West side of street), between Chestnut and Francisco. We have the lot all day, which should mean that you can avoid a hefty parking fine and won’t have to worry about moving the car every hour.


Image of SFAI via FoundSF.

How To: Breakfast Roundtables

Each morning, the Convening will begin with Breakfast Roundtables from 7-9am in Park Grill, the hotel’s third floor restaurant. Participation in the roundtables is optional and largely self organized.

For the breakfast itself, the hotel will give you vouchers when you check in. These vouchers must be given to the server when you sit down at a table. The breakfast is a hot buffet with a variety of the following options:

Freshly squeezed orange & grapefruit juices; hand cut seasonal fruits & berries; fresh baked morning pastries and sliced breakfast bread; fruit preserves & butter; low-fat yogurts; farm fresh scrambled eggs; applewood smoked bacon & chicken apple sausage; breakfast potatoes; and assorted cereals and milk.

At the entrance to the restaurant, we’ll have topic cards and pens available. You can write a topic on the card and set it visibly on your table, so that others may join you for a discussion.

In addition to your own conversations, our consultants Ben Aase and Nancy Lee, will also be available for one-on-one or small group sessions throughout the weekend. On Friday, June 24 Dewey Schott, Senior Manager of Leadership Services at NAMAC, will be on hand to discuss the Leadership Institute for Visual Arts Organizations. The institute has welcomed a number of Initiative organization leaders over the last couple of years and a select few alumni will join Dewey to talk about the program and its impact.

We hope you take advantage of these early sessions, just be sure to wrap things up and meet in the lobby for the buses, departing promptly at 9am.

Getting There: Shuttle Info

Airport Shuttles: If you are arriving on June 23, free airport shuttles will run to the hotel approximately every half hour. A greeter will meet you at the bottom of the escalators – just look for a person holding a Warhol Initiative Convening Shuttle sign. If you fail to connect with a greeter, please collect your bags and wait near baggage claim. If need be, you can also call Mosaic Transportation directly at 1 (800) 398-7881, and anyone there can assist you.

Reimbursements: According to our flight list, around 35 of you are arriving in advance of June 23 and some of you are staying in the area post-Convening. The more time in San Francisco the better, and we hope you get around to see great work in the Bay Area, including some produced by your Initiative peers. We want to remind you that while we’re happy to cover the cost of getting you to and from the airport and the hotel on the day of your arrival and departure, we cannot cover any additional expenses (e.g. transportation, meals, admission) you may incur. The Foundation can only reimburse if given original receipts, so please save them and mail with a reimbursement form, (available here) attn: Jackie Farrell, at the Foundation.

UPDATED 6/10/11: Added reimbursement form as pdf.

Image: Artist Ned Kahn’s installation at SFO.

ALSO IN SF: The Cries of San Francisco

Southern Exposure, the site of our closing night dinner, recently launched a new project by artist Allison Smith entitled, The Cries of San Francisco. The installation will be up in the galleries, but if you plan on being in SF for an extended period of time, you may want to check out one of the numerous public events planned during the show’s run.

The following is from the SOEX website, where you can also find out more about this project: “The Cries of San Francisco is a project by Allison Smith in collaboration with Southern Exposure that invokes the historic tradition of street peddlers hawking their wares with melodic songs and calls as a means of offering up social revelations on the temporal employments, habits, and callings of nearly 70 Bay Area artists, craftspeople, and other urban workers. The Cries of San Francisco takes the form of a public art event centered around Mint Plaza, a sculptural installation and a series of events at Southern Exposure and a publication chronicling the project.

Allison Smith presents a sculptural installation at Southern Exposure that serves as a public house and market hall where participants gather to perform and record their cries and to trade and peddle their wares to the public. The exhibition includes sculptures, works on paper, and ambient sound, creating a tangible stage-set for social interaction, dialogue, events, and market days.”


Image: Allison Smith as the town crier, via SOEX.

Food in SF: Delicious Content Providers

An essential part of any Convening is the time spent out-of-sessions, breaking bread together or having a drink with fellow attendees. To ensure that this time is productive as well as delicious, we’ve partnered with the following restaurateurs, food truck purveyors, coffee devotees, and artisans to prepare meals at the Convening.

The first night’s dinner will be held at OSHA Thai, a successful chain of Thai restaurants founded by sisters, Wassana Korkhieola and Lalita Souksamlanel. The Embarcadero location is within walking distance to the hotel and comes fully prepared to host our opening Pecha Kucha session. The menu for this night includes passed hors d’oeuvres and wine at 7pm, followed by a four course dinner of Summer Salad with Tuna, Tom-Kha Soup, Pumpkin Curry, Grilled Sea Bass, and OSHA’s house specialty, Volcanic Beef.

During the first day’s activities at the Headlands, Katie Powers makes use of the Headlands Kitchen & Mess Hall, a relaxing and communal space designed by artist Ann Hamilton, to provide box lunches that can be enjoyed outside or in.  Three boxes are available:  The Free Range Box includes a chicken salad sandwich w/ tarragon, celery and apples on brick oven whole wheat, summer corn succotash, a short bread cookie, and fresh apricots; the Rodeo Box includes a sliced tri-tip and arugula sandwich with parley walnut pesto on rosemary bread, spicy Moroccan carrot salad, a double chocolate cookie, and fresh cherries; and the Veggie Box which will feature grilled and marinated eggplant and zucchini with roasted red pepper and goat cheese on olive bread, shaved fennel and pickled beet salad, and a chocolate almond bar with fresh berries.

After a brief break back at the hotel, our second dinner will be held Friday night the Regency Lodge, on Sutter and Van Ness. This former social hall with its vintage theatrical backdrops and enormous pipe organ will be the site for a project by artists and chefs, Julio César Morales and Max La Rivière-Hedrick. (More details about this event will be posted in a separate entry.)

The next day, at the San Francisco Art Institute, take in the sweeping views of Alcatraz and the Bay, while enjoying boxed lunches provided by Zella’s Soulful Kitchen. Click here for a recent profile of Zella’s owner and chef, Dionne Knox. We’re thrilled to work with Dionne and thankful to La Cocina for connecting us to her and for their ongoing efforts to support independent businesses. Lunches that day will include a choice of roasted lemon and herb chicken or tofu kebobs, meyer lemon and couscous salad, spinach salad, and assorted gourmet cookies. We’ll also have coffee set up to stave off that mid-afternoon slump.

Following the second full day of sessions, the group will head over to Southern Exposure for a casual closing night dinner and block party. There we’ll hear from a selection of those of who have received regional regranting funds through SOEX’s Alternative Exposure program and take in Allison Smith’s installation, The Cries of San Francisco. Throughout the evening food is available from a variety of fine food trucks including, Chairman Bao Bun, Let’s Be Frank, CurryUp Now, the Creme Brulee Cart, and Blue Bottle Coffee.

In general, each meal is being devised with a large amount of vegetarian options. If you have any extraordinary food allergies, let us know in advance and we’ll plan accordingly.  While we might not be able to accommodate all requests at every event, please send any dietary restrictions to

How To: Pecha Kucha Instructions

As indicated on the schedule, in an effort for every organization to present an overview of their work, we’re holding three rounds of Pecha Kucha. If you’re not familiar with the format, it’s 20 images pre-set to advance every 20 seconds. This means that each organization has a little over 6 minutes to talk about their activities, programs, or concerns.

So how is this going to work?

We’re asking that everyone submit their 20 images to us by June 1.

We’ll drop the images in, set the timing, and have it cued up when your time is called. Once we have the submissions, we’ll put an order together and post here on the site and on the main notice board at the registration desk in the hotel. If you have a preferred time, let us know.

20 images (Horizontal images will read the best on the screen.)
Dimensions: 1,240 pixels x 1,240 pixels (maximum)
Resolution: 72 dpi
File size: No larger than 4.0 MB (each image)
File format: .JPG
Label with your organization’s name, and the sequence order number from 1 to 20. (orgname_1.jpg – orgname_20.jpg)


After you have sized and named your images, please put them in a folder labeled with your organization’s name.

Then you need to zip the images. (On a mac you can right-click and select COMPRESS “name of the folder”. It will make a file with .zip after it. That’s the file you want to upload. If you are on a PC or have questions about how to make a .zip file, please email us.


The easiest way to send your images to us is Stream File.

Go to this page:
1. Enter this email in the first field (recipient’s email) : (This is the contact for Julie Evanoff, who is helping with tech issues for the Convening.)
2. Upload your .zip file (that has all 20 slides sized and labeled).
3. Click the STREAM NOW button.


If you run into trouble or have any questions, just ask Julie or post in the comments below.

Traveling to SF: What to Wear

As the Brown Twins and other famous residents of the city know, the key to fickle San Francisco weather is layers, lots of layers. The average temperature in June can range from a high of about 66 degrees to a low of 53. Given the Bay Area’s unique landscape, that range can be experienced from one side of the street to the other. It’s also not factoring in the dampness that can make a relatively mild evening an especially chilly one.

Generally the marine layer can stick around for a bit in the morning, at which point a light sweater comes in handy. It can burn off by noon and you’ll probably want to shed a layer or two. By evening you’ll be reaching for a scarf and a light jacket. If we’re lucky there won’t be any rain, but we’ve got plans in case the skies do open up and you should, too. Our days are long and at least one dinner will be outdoors, so pack with this in mind.

Dress should be comfortable and casual. San Francisco is a terrific city to see on foot, and you may find yourself wanting to seek out some nature on a hike while at the spectacular Headlands Center for the Arts.