The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Saturday Night: Dress Warmly

Second full day of sessions, and here are 10 Things We’ve Learned:

1) Goat is delicious.
2) It gets really cold at night. We can’t stress this enough. Dress in your warmest clothes tonight for the dinner at SOEX. We will be outdoors. It will be cold. We will not have heat lamps. Just each other and pork buns. So please please please, dress as warmly as you can for this evening.
3) 16 seconds is the new 20 seconds.
4) The Headlands is the most magical place ever. Thanks again to sharon maidenberg and the entire crew at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Especially to Katie Powers and her cooking team. Those were some tasty and good looking box lunches.
5) Divisidero and Lombard is a terrible place to train on the job.
6) Looking forward to a lot of gay weddings in NY.
7) 6:00am showers are the worst.
8) Julio and Max and Norma and Natalia and Rebecca and Jennifer really know how to make a night feel special. Thanks to everyone involved in the sensory overload that was A Sors, at the Regency Club. We’re ready to start smuggling honey on a regular basis.
9) Rock Band is harder than you think.
10) This is an endlessly inspiring group of people. (But we knew that already.)

Enjoy the day at SFAI.