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Warhol Initiative News 5-6-15


Image courtesy of Kansas City Artist Coalition

MAY 8 – JUNE 19, 2015

PATRICK SCHMIDT. A site-specific installation using digitally generated drawing on colored vinyl or cloth tape. Schmidt uses pattern as metaphor for economic, social, and ethnic identifiers. He explores the ideas of space by considering how we perceive, interact, and experience paintings and drawings within a specific context. The structure and format of the current works explore relationships in-between defined disciplines while creating a space in which to play. Digitalization adds a utilitarian element to his work, thus equalizing the existing classifications. Much of the work is interactive in that the viewer has to move around the work in some way to fully engage. For the drawing installation(s) as the viewer walks into the space they walk into the work itself by walking on the drawing. His primary research interests focus on juxtapositions, how color affects perception, material, patterns as cultural motifs, and how technology is changing visual culture.



Image courtesy of Transformer

May 09-June 13 2015

Transformer presents Interspatial, a group show curated and organized by Quota. Artists Rachel SchmidtJohab Silva, and Levester Williams explore the concept of space, real and imagined, and how it can define, confine or spark transformation. The works exhibited respond to changing or unfamiliar landscapes, restrictive environments, population density and adapting to multiple facets of modernity. Founded by Dawne Langford and Avi Gupta, Quota is a curatorial collaboration dedicated to broadening cultural diversity in public discourse around artistic creation and representation.