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Weekly Initiative News- 08/18/14

Image for TAG: Round 2, 2014, by Jess Hirsch and Cassie Thornton, courtesy of the artists

PLF: Studio, 2014, photo by Jake Beckman, image courtesy of the artist

Horoscope, 2012, still from video by Zak Long, image courtesy of the artist

SPACES, the Cleveland-based contemporary art venue, will hold an opening reception on Friday, August 22nd, from 6 to 9PM. They are celebrating new projects by Cassie Thornton and Jess Hirsch (TAG: Round 2), Jake Beckman (The Production Language Factory), and Sarah and Paul (Immortal Kombat). Look forward to “an evening of unscripted collaboration, newly developed vocabularies, and lovable anti-heroes”.

image by Leslie Wayne, courtesy of the artist and Esopus

image by Stephen Eichhorn, courtesy of the artist and Esopus

Also check out these Artist’s Projects from Brooklyn-based publication Esopus in their 21st issue, available now. Leslie Wayne uses daily paintings of the Lingam motif, a Hindu symbol of fecundity, to explore the possibility of a single body of work with infinite permutations.  Stephen Eichhorn layers hand-cut images of flowers and cats to create unique and elegant collages.