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Weekly Initiative News- 02/17/14

Image courtesy of Math Bass, Overduin & Co. and LACE


Image courtesy of A.K. Burns, Callicoon Fine Arts and LACE

Opening on March 14th at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) is Drowning and swallowing this text. The exhibition curated by Shoghig Halajian and Suzy M. Halajian, features artists Math Bass, A.K. Burns, Ana Hoffner, Joan Jonas, Tala Madani, MPA, Virginia Poundstone, Laure Prouvost, Mounira Al Solh, Jill Spector, Lawrence Weiner, and The–family (with Sjoerd Dijk and Wojciech Kosma). From the LACE website :

“Drowning and swallowing this text locates itself within this moment of collapse in order to explore the relation between a narrative and its utterance. Questioning the idea that everything must be held together, the exhibition considers forms of desire that refuse equivalence in order to impel fragmentation and to delay resolve. Narrative devices such as the construction of presumed opposites, a fixed protagonist, the introduction of a problem and promise of resolve are confronted and replaced. Instead sites of performance, the shifting plural subject-position, the mis-translation of cultural codes, and illegible acts at the margins of established categories all serve to destabilize the economic value of narrative analogy. A collapse of economies eradicates the ability to recognize and substitute, offering in its place a constellation of fragments and gestures that take on various iterations, a tireless approximation. “

There will be an affiliated performance on March 8th presented by Human Resources.