The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Weekly Initiative News- 10/15/13

Image courtesy of Common Practice New York

Warhol Initiative Grantees  Artists SpaceParticipant Inc, Printed Matter, Triple Canopy, and White Columns in partnership with  The Kitchen, and Light Industry,  have developed Common Practice New York, a recently formed advocacy group that fosters research and discussions on the role of small-scale arts institutions in New York City.

Common Practice New York draws inspiration from Common Practice, London, an affiliated advocacy group working for the recognition and fostering of the small-scale contemporary visual arts sector in England, and founder of the Common Practice Network.

Founded over the course of several meetings beginning in 2012, Common Practice New York aims to collectively embody the question What is our common practice and why do we value it? Each group claims certain benefits to its small scale: sustainability not at the expense of quality; long-term relationships with artists and publics; less compromised access to artwork; and horizontal networks and collaboration. Yet factors such as the embrace of larger institutions to new art, ever-adapting commercial environments, novel forms of social interaction, and the rising costs of living in New York have all created unprecedented challenges for small-scale institutions.

Find out more about this important new organization here.