The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

In Your Packets: Phonebook 3

Included in each of your convening packets will be a voucher to complete and send, in order to receive your very own pre-paid copy of the latest edition of Phonebook, a national guidebook to art spaces and projects, published by threewalls in Chicago.

From the threewalls website: “Phonebook 3 will be an essential guide for artists and arts administrators looking to connect with others in this ever-changing realm of independent artist-run culture, including everything from nonprofit and community institutions to flexible and self-organized art spaces. Each listing also includes the projects’ mission statement or organizing principles, so that curators and artists can easily find organizations with similar values. Phonebook 3 will be launched October 2011 at the Hand in Glove conference in Chicago, IL, hosted by threewalls and organized by the Alliance of Independent Arts Organizers, a professional organization that provides resources to independent, grass-roots organizers and facilitators who support creative practices that challenge traditional formats, and innovate new genres.”

And good news: they made their kickstarter goal. Be sure and fill out the voucher and send it in. A copy will be mailed directly to you, courtesy of the foundation.